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The Lakemont Volunteer Fire Company has volunteer openings for Firefighter and Contributing Non-Firefighter roles.  Our motto, “a desire to serve, courage to act, and ability to perform” is woven into the fabric of our volunteers and we are looking for individuals who feel that desire to serve and have the courage to act and more importantly also have the ability to perform.  Whether you are in the role of Firefighter, responding to emergencies within the community or as a Contributing Non-Firefighter assisting the organization utilizing your specific talents, we have a role for you to help make a difference in our community.  Please fill out the interest form below and a member of our recruitment team will reach out to you for the next steps.  We look forward to having you part of the Lakemont Volunteer Fire Company family.

Minimum Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age and have a valid drivers license. (Junior firefighter program available)
  • Live in close proximity to the fire station you intend to serve.
  • Respond to a minimum amount of calls (Firefighter Role Only).
  • Attend training and department meetings.
  • Pass a background check and physical examination.

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To be considered for membership, a Logan Township Membership Application must be completed.  Get this process started by downloading/printing the application, completing it and mailing it to Lakemont Volunteer Fire Company, 312 Lotz Ave., Altoona PA 16602.

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It takes a village to run a successful volunteer organization. We’ll leverage all skillsets and put them to work to help better our organization’s service to the community.